Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My beloved friend E drove from Chatham yesterday, where she has been visiting her family for the past week.  She lives in New Brunswick and it pains me that I cannot see her and talk to her everyday.  She understands my heart and my mind and accepts me for everything I am.  Good and bad.  And I love her very much for it!  Fortunately we are very similar, which probably makes it extremely easy to understand one another.  It's amazing.  The same feelings we have about our children, about our attitudes toward parenting and family.  She has helped me think through my own issues and come to terms with how to handle things.  She is much like my sister in that way.  My sister provides me with that same type of support. 

I must be truly blessed to have these kinds of people surrounding me in my life!  And I haven't even mentioned my other girlfriend, N whose constant acts of kindness remind me that I have yet another sister in this world.

The boyz are beautiful.  Despite any frustration and weariness, they continue to steal my heart away.  LBM is now back on a nap schedule although he needs much help going down.  I don't mind though as long as LM continues to fall asleep for most of his naps by himself.  Today has been a great day for the sleeps. 

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