Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Post for June

1. Yesterday's trip to the BF clinic was a success, of sorts.  I have to continue to wear the breast shells as there has been significant damage to my nipples and they will always be sore as long as I am nursing.  Dr. Manson suggested that I not wear them 'once in a while' if I'm going out or something, just so I can get used to the feeling but that I probably won't be able to 'wean' myself necessarily.

2.  LBM was up at all hours last night, crying.  Okay, so I woke both boyz up at 8pm to nurse them because they had last eaten at 4:30pm and I did not want another night with both waking at 2 in the morning.  And after yesterday's disaster with the diapers and crib sheets and clothes, I wanted to make sure to give them a diaper change before leaving them for thenight.  I'd also rather have them wake a little later.  So waking them up was sort of disaster, because LM was fast asleep and in no mood to be woken up.  LBM had only been sleeping for a short while so even that was not a good scene.  Anyway, after they were fed, LM went to sleep immediately and LBM was held until about 9:15pm.  He cried a lot.  I gave him Camilia too... it doesn't seem to work all that well... for him, at least.  I think it knocks out LM for sure...

After a really nice chat with husband, I fell asleep at about 10pm.  I woke up, with a start, to LM's crying.  This was about 11pm.  He could NOT be consoled. I woke up the entire house because I couldn't do anything.  I ended up giving him 3 doses of Camilia.  He would not agree to me sitting down.  He wanted me to walk.  What does this mean?  Does he know that the only way he can fall asleep is by a walk or is the walk a soothing thing for him and he needs it because he's in pain?  I don't know!  I was so upset.  I walked.  He fell asleep in his crib.

At around 2am, he woke up again in hysterics.  This time he really was tired but was in pain.  I kept putting my finger in his mouth to check if he was hungry but honestly, there was no sucking, it was pure biting/gumming.  I bounced on the exercise ball.  He fell asleep, I put him in the crib and he immediately started crying.  I bounced on the exercise ball.  He fell asleep.  I put him in the crib and he immediately started crying.  I was so tired.  I put him in bed next to me.  He fell asleep.  How did he know?

He woke up at 3am crying.  I bounced on the exercise ball and he fell asleep.  I put him in my bed.  He got comfortable and fell asleep.  He cried out a few times but that's it. 

He woke up at 4am.  It was a combo of sucking on my finger and biting.  I went to wake up LM -- I figured it was time for a feeding anyway.  LM was WAY sleeping but I still got hime up.  My right breast had completely leaked and soaked my bra.  I fed them.  LM only ate for 10 minutes and husband put him to bed.  LBM ate for a solid 20 minutes.  Husband put him back in the crib. He was asleep.

He woke up screaming at 5am and I went to the nursery.  The drop-side crib was down.  LBM was right at the edge.  I was too tired to yell.  I told husband.  I put LBM in my bed and he went to sleep.

LM woke up at 6am and quietly played in the crib until 7am!  LBM was quietly stirring so I quickly got up and changed LM.  Meanwhile, LBM started screaming again!  It's like he knew I was gone.  I fed them, LBM only for 10 minutes, LM for about 12 minutes (he really wanted more, but I had to go to the bathroom!) and then they played.  I just put them down at 8am because they looked and acted tired and after a couple of cries, LM fell asleep and LBM did too.  Miracle of miracles.

3.  As LBM played on the activity mat, he turned his body slowly in 90 degree increments (while playing at each position) until he had completed a 360 turn!  Amazing.  He is surely going to be motoring!  His head control and back muscles are continually strengthening and it is great!  LM really engages with the toys.  He loves to talk to them and stare intently at them.  His focus and concentration seem to be extremely developed. 

4.  I gave the boys a little bit of the buttercup squash yesterday.  Just a small spoonful.  LM swallowed it after making a great squished up face.  He may just be ready to take some solid foods...  LBM was hilarious.  His tongue-thrust reflex is still very strong and he spit out the food right away and then gagged so hard, I thought he was going to throw up!  He's not ready for solids...

Now, to decide whether to feed one or wait till they're both ready...

5.  My throat hurts so much I don't want to talk.  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

The boyz looking at daddy, looking like smooth criminals.  May, 2011

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