Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Post for May

Yesterday was a very productive day for us.  The night before was a tumultuous one, with frequent wakeups on account of LBM crying in discomfort... so this mama was tired!

After a good morning nap by the boyz, my mom and I decided to go grocery shopping for a few things to perhaps start solids.  We bought butternut and buttercup squash to prepare for the babes.  I'm following a book called "Sprout Right" which I kinda like so far but the author is a nutritionist and not a dietician (and I'm more apt to trust dieticians -- they're accredited, I believe whereas anyone can call themselves a nutritionist?) and she goes on and on about taking supplements and vitamins, which has totally freaked me out because of course, I didn't do any of the things she's suggesting I should have done throughout pregnancy and the first 3 months of the babe's lives... Anyway, I like that she's Canadian, and that she touts homemade baby food, etc, etc, etc.  I just like her and I like the book.  It's a good guide for me.  Cuz I need it!

I also bought two Fisher Price booster seats.  No high chairs for this household.  Not enough room and the ones I bought are portable which we can take anywhere.  I also got them on sale for 25% off the retail price, which was still expensive, but worth it when we know we're going to be using them everyday once they start eating!  I saved 20 bucks.  The place I went to was a retail name store who of course does not give any discounts to multiples families because they are a**holes!  Wow, that was a little severe...

I also got this teething soothing relief "medication" called Camilia to use for the boyz.  I know that LBM is teething and LM is definitely doing something, just not complaining in the same way that LBM is so I decided to try it on both of them.  I have a feeling that it completely knocks LM out whereas LBM calms down a bit, but doesn't really respond in the same way.  LBM continued to fuss and cry throughout the day and evening, until about 9pm, when he finally passed out.

I made dinner last night!  My own concoction - chicken breasts stuffed with spinach (from the freezer, defrosted) and parmesan, with a chipotle rub.  I baked it for about 25 minutes at 375.  We had rice with it, and kimchi, myulchi and kkim.  The chicken was so moist!  I was very proud of myself (haha). 

Then, I steamed the buttercup squash and pureed it in the food processor until smooth.  I added filtered water to it until it was a very smooth consistency, almost runny but not quite.  We then put everything into food cubes for the boyz and froze them.  After reading the book, I realised that you're not really supposed to introduce solids when babies are sick or having teething episodes so I'm a little confused as to what I should do.  Last night I had decided I was not going to give them any today but this morning, I thought, let's just try...

My mind is constantly changing!!!

With the leftover buttercup squash, I made a soup with reduced sodium chicken broth. I had some for my mid morning snack (or as I like to call it, my 2nd breakfast!) and it was scrumptious!!!

I watched "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" last night until 11pm.  Although it was an interesting concept and I am sure I will be watching or at least PVRing the episodes, that was too late to be up.  Thus, I also woke up with a sore throat.  I think it's the lack of sleep...

Today I am going to the breastfeeding clinic with the boyz and my mom.  My boobs have been acting up again and I really am sick of using these breast shells to protect my nipples.  I'm too reliant on them and I don't like wearing them.

The weather today is supposed to be a scorcher.  There is a humidex advisory in effect, with temperatures feeling like 40C!  The weather here is so weird.

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