Sunday, May 22, 2011

About Last Night...

So, LBM slept for 3.5 hours during the day yesterday, which meant that the boyz didn't eat until more than 4 hours after their last feeding.  This threw off the schedule, and it ended up that they fell asleep for the NIGHT at around 5:30pm, after the 5pm feed.  It was nice for my husband and I because we were able to spend some quality time together.  We watched the movie "The Kids are Alright" (which was fantastic) and had dinner together.

Anyway, at about 1:15am, I woke up to the boyz stirring, and from utter pain in my breasts -- they were rock hard and leaking milk.  I woke the boyz up and sat down to nurse...

LM, after about 5 minutes of basically my milk pouring into his mouth, he proceeded to spit up.  I moved him a little out of the way of my breast so that I could catch the spit up and clean it up with a cloth when he then, projectile vomited so forcefully that it landed in LBM's eyes and face.  I was able to quickly move him out of the way so the rest of it ended up in my lap, soaking the seat and my underwear and pants.  It felt like I had peed my pants and I was absolutely covered.  It was all over my breasts, chest, stomach, all over LM's own arm and neck, all over LBM's face and arms.  Luckily LBM was so hungry, it didn't phase him and he kept eating.  I was screaming and my husband basically ran up the stairs (he had gone to get a glass of water for me!), alarmed and scared.

I don't understand why this happened.  It is the first time it has happened and was hard to watch.  LM was completely uninterested in eating anymore and went back to sleep quite quickly.  LBM, on the other hand, woke us all up two more times to eat, and each time had quite a difficult time going back to sleep.  Coupled with the long nap(s) and frequency of eating, (always waking first, and consistently every 2.5-3 hrs, no more) I am suspecting that he might be going through a growth spurt.  At least that's what I'm hoping!

This morning, LBM is absolutely HATING lying on his back... the OT told me that it is not a good idea to have him sitting all of the time to appease him because he does have to learn to roll and the only way he can do that is by being on his back.  I am trying to limit the amount of time he's sitting up, but it's becoming more and more difficult.  I think he goes through stages of discomfort and intolerance though.  Sometimes he's a lot more willing to be on his back lately, although it is becoming more and more of a challenge!!!

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