Friday, May 6, 2011

What to do, what to do?

sooooo... the boyz are now 5 months old!

And they're sick of their toys. Or lack thereof.  The activity mats are no longer holding their value as LBM is utterly sick of laying on his back, batting and grabbing the same old toys, listening to the same old music, kicking the same old kick mat... he literally screamed until I picked him up and put him in his rocker.  Thank goodness for that thing!  LM is still all right on the mat, but definitely is transitioning.  Basically, the bottom line is, they are both getting bored quite quickly of their toys.

I had been scouring Craigslist for used toys: exersaucers, jolly jumpers and such when I got a random message from a cousin, offering the use of those exact items!  Are we the luckiest people ever?  I can only hope to be as generous some day to others.  Now it's a matter of hooking up with said cousin to retrieve those items and then also to grab some stuff from my sister, who has stuff to lend me as well.  I'm extremely excited and must must must arrange for an exchange asap!

Anyway, while doing all of this, I realised that in a few weeks, I will have to start (maybe?) the boyz on solids.  That requires high chairs or booster seats, food storage cubes as I intend on making food for them, and all those supplies that come with eating.  I ordered a book, "Sprout Right" because it's written by a Canadian and is all about making food for babies as they start solids.  It was WAY cheaper to order it online than to get it from the bookstore, even though I love love love going to the bookstore and leaving with a bagful of books!  I also got a small garden gardening book.  I'm excited, so excited to start planting things!

Okay, so the point of that last paragraph was that while on craigslist, I found a woman who was selling her baby food cubes both unused and used for a ridiculously low price, as well as baby proofing stuff.  I picked them up today.  I spent $15 for 50 food cubes, a large assortment of babyproofing stuff, and a container for small baby items for the dishwasher.  10 food cubes sell for $6.95, the babyproofing stuff is tres expensive -- I'd say I saved at least $20 bucks MINIMUM on that stuff and the container sells for a ridiculous $15 retail.  Ultimately, I think I saved at least $50 on all of my stuff, less the cost for gas, but I don't even care about that because it was a trip out with the babies... something to do, right?

I'm gonna have to continue this post later... LM is crying...  time to eat!

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