Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Resolutions Update

This year, I hope to...

1.  Learn how to sew and complete at least one sewing project by July 1, 2011.
This resolution is a little difficult -- I still don't have a sewing machine.  Maybe I should revise it to:  Get a sewing machine by July 1, 2011.
Yesterday was my birthday and my cousin GAVE me her unused Brother LS2125 sewing machine!  Husband says that he will still be on the lookout for a Janome model, which is a nice brand that will probably last me years, but this one can tide me over till then.  Hey, it's new, and will do everything (or anything) I need for now!!! Yay!!!
2.  Write at least 3-5 posts per month on this blog.
I did accomplish this in Feb and March, I think... despite my massive bf issues and delirium that accompanied it!
3.  Run a half marathon or another 10K by October, 2011.
HA!  As if I've even started working out yet!  I am hoping I'll start SOMETHING next week.  The fact that I went to a swimming pool last week with the boyz is accomplishment enough, I think.
4.  Go on a family vacation to the Rockies or somewhere in Canada in the summer. 
This definitely is not happening.  I don't think my husband can take the time off although we might be able to swing something for November... hopefully!  Again, I think we're gonna need to go with family members only because we need the extra set of hands!
5.  Make at least 1 extra payment on the mortgage (Gotta start small and remember I'm on maternity leave! and I have to figure it out with my husband).  
Done!  Our next mortgage payment will have another $5000 added to it.  That's it for the year.  I think a good thing?
6.  Create a family budget and stick to it.  This will be completed by the end of February, 2011 Fail.  Let's change it to December 2011.  hahahahaha!!!  I need more time!
Believe it or not, our financial advisor sent me his own personal budget template and I've started filling it out.  It's not easy, that's for sure however....  At least I've started!

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