Monday, April 18, 2011

Turning Points

Having the babies has taught me that life is all about turning points.  I feel like this weekend was one of them.  The boyz are changing a lot. 

Turning Point #1:  On Friday night, I was able to nurse them at about 7:30pm and then after playing with them for a bit, we put them to bed at about 9pm.  At 5:15am, I woke up to a soaked t-shirt and leaking boobs.  "Everybody UP!!!" I yelled and bolted out of bed.  I scared my husband awake and the boyz just smiled and lazed around, waiting to eat.  I don't even think they wanted to.  I was in pain, I had to massage my boobs, I was afraid that without doing that, they would become too engorged.  I've had mastitis and I do not want to go down that road again.  Anyway, just for the fact that they slept for 8+ hours in a row has GOT to be a turning point, right?

Turning Point #2:  Saturday, after swimming lessons, we came home, fully expecting boyz to sleep for a couple of hours.  Instead, just as we sit down to eat lunch, we hear a little squeak.  We look over at the car seats, in time to see two little boyz staring at us, wide awake, patiently waiting for us to take them out and give them their own lunch!  A calm awakening has GOT to be a turning point, right?

Turning Point #3:  After nursing them and then bathing them, we quickly took off for the grandparents house about 30mins away.  Playing with grandma and grandpa (sort of, granpa was teaching me how to make tomato sauce!) was good for their soul.  Then it was eating time again and I was able to nurse them there.  The fact that I was comfortable enough to nurse them there was DEFINITELY a turning point for me.

Turning Point #4:  The boyz are starting to talk and make real noises with their voices now.  LM is especially starting to use his voice more often now, and his crying is totally different, because he is using his voice.  It is soooooooo cute.  LBM is still so engaged with toys and other stuff but is slowly starting to pay more attention to human beings (haha).  He talks like crazy and gets so excited and loves to play.  It is so amazing to watch.  This transition to "human" has GOT to be a turning point, right?

This weekend was such a turning point for me and our family.  I am feeling happier and more satisfied. 

Now, I just have to start running...

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