Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The boyz loved their first swimming lesson!  It was calm and fun and not too too cold.  Little Man started turning a little blue but as per usual, didn't really complain... until the end... when we were in the Family change room (which, btw, was the tiniest, dumbest place ever! not enough stalls, or space and 50 million families trying to change -- what a nightmare!).  We decided we will need a third hand...  our strategy for this week is for me to get out with LM about 10 minutes sooner, get changed and dried and then ready for LBM to come out and since I will be dry, I will be able to concentrate on getting him changed and dry.  We'll have to bring one car seat so LM can chillax while all of this is being done.  WOW. 

Oh, and putting on their reusable swim diapers was fun -- and funny.  I totally did not even think about the fact that the boyz would pee between home and the lesson -- duh... so poor LM soaked all of his clothes before we even got out of the house!  I quickly put their regular diapers overtop their swim diapers and when we got to the pool, I just pulled them out.

So much planning needs to be done.  But honestly, we didn't think of any of this stuff beforehand.  How were we supposed to know!!!???

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