Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Success!

This is the first post that I will acknowledge to myself that I have made it and that I should be a little bit proud of myself for making it.

A trip to the BF clinic yesterday proved to be a little bit of a boost to the ego as well.  I am basically 95% healed, which is a major miracle (in my opinion!).  The nurse and doctor both mentioned that they were very happy with me and that I stuck through the pain and continued to nurse my sons.  My husband asked if there were many women who would have stuck through it and they replied no.  The nurse said that he should be proud of me and that I was a determined woman, with a high (!) pain tolerance and that when women like me get it into their minds that bf'ing is the best for their child, they can succeed.  I don't think that really was the reason I stuck through it, but it was part of it.  I always had the attitude, please let me heal so I can experience breastfeeding the way everyone else does.  I just wanted to experience the "normal" part of it AND THEN make a decision.  So, I'm close to making a decision, but I honestly did not even think I would last this long.  I am proud, but I don't think I'm totally out of the woods yet.  When I feel that I am fully in the clear, I will make a more informed (less biased) decision.  When I was pregnant, my timeline was after 3 months I would decide, but obviously it's past that now so it's all up in the air.  You can never really make decisions like that without really knowing all of the possible outcomes first.  I obviously didn't!

Anyway, I made it through the absolute worst part and I feel like a success as a result of that.  Thank goodness.  I'm very blessed.

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