Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trauma for Mama

So yesterday, my mom's bf treated us all to dinner at the Mandarin.  Husband and I timed everything PERFECTLY.  Or so we thought...

Earlier in the day, we went for a little drive out of town to pick up Husband's car at his parents and ended up having a nice visit with them.  The boyz were sleeping in their car seats and their grandparents were so happy to see them.  We left and got home just after 12 and I nursed them from about 1215-1230pm.  Then they woke up at about quarter to 3 and I fed them then for about 15 minutes.  The plan was to wake them up at about 415pm for a 5 minute top up and then quickly pack them up and go to the restaurant for 5pm.  Everything worked according to plan.

We met my sister and her husband and my niece, my mom and her bf and had a wonderful meal.  At about 6pm, LM was crying and bothered so we took him out of the car seat and he was passed around.  Which was fine because he was content.  But then LBM started waking up... Husband suggested we leave, but I just thought maybe we should have one more plate (haha -- him not me!).  I felt like he should enjoy a little bit more.  Anyway, we ended up staying until 6:45pm, at which time LM was full out crying hysterically. 

Both boyz were hungry...

The 15-20 minute drive basically was a cacophony of cries.  LM, I thought was going to lose his voice and the crying became perpetually heightened, escalating until I started tearing.  Then LBM started.  Well, that resulted in me now crying, trying to get home as fast as possible.  In pouring rain.  In the dark.  It was treacherous.  Husband was annoyed at all of the red lights I was catching and I was trying not to lose it. 

Probably the hardest thing to hear is those kids crying, for me.  I don't think I've ever let them cry for that long since they were born.  Hard to say what was going on in the hospital for those 19 days, but since they've been with me, I dare say I've let them cry for longer than 3-5 minutes. 

Too indulgent? 

Never.  Not for helpless little human beings who only want to be cuddled, fed, and loved.

Anyway, we got home and I let them suckle for 20 minutes and they were calm.  Breasts seem to do that.  Food source and comfort-source.  They then proceeded to sleep for 4 hours. 


I love'em... That's it that's all.

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