Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have you ever....?

...had your child fart so hard he poops in your face?

Yeah.  That's what happened to me yesterday morning...

So, Little Man has this thing whereby he tenses his body so hard when we're changing his diaper, that he farts and then little poops splat out.  It happens quite regularly.  Usually, it splats right onto the diaper but sometimes, it'll torpedo out, splashing whatever happens to be in its path, i.e the change pad, change pad cover, sometimes the floor... etc.  Well, yesterday, he happened to have quite a large bowel movement, that also happened to run half way up his back.  So, as I was checking to see that I had cleaned it thoroughly, he tensed up, farted and then proceeded to shoot out poop so hard and far -- the farthest yet -- it landed on the glider, in the penaten, the q-tip box, the wipes container, the change table, and of course, the one thing that was closest to his butt -- my face. 


My face.

Thank goodness I had my glasses on.  It was all over my glasses, in my hair, near my mouth (not in it, thank goodness!), on my cheek. 

I yelped and said, "I'm NOT doing it!!!" and of course my husband says, "OH YES you are!!!!!"  I ran into the bathroom and washed up as best as I could, came back and finished the job.  And LM... he just lay there sweet as the angel he is...

I love him.

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