Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Attitude

It's time to get out of this funk!  It's not the boyz, it's a bunch of other 'life' things that are obviously bugging me a lot more than I realise. 

The boyz are great.  I'v got to start getting out a little more, especially since the weather is getting better.  I like sitting outside with them and just hanging out. 

I've decided that as a mother, I'm going to take their lead and not be bound to a 'schedule' perse, just go by what I know of them.  It doesn't have to go by an actual time.  I just have to know that in the morning, they like to have a nice long nap and they need another nap in the afternoon.  If the sleep again, I know it will likely be short and then their final feeding will likely be straight to bed or a little bit of coaxing and then bed.  I can handle that, this is okay.  This is what is called predictable in the world of motherhood.  It's not about the actual time of day.  It can't be.  How?  They don't know clocks!!!

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