Friday, June 17, 2011

Interesting Week

The week started a little funny, just because our schedule was off and the boys seemed to have forgotten about their regular nap times.  They had also forgotten that they had previously been able to go down for their morning naps with relative ease - I just had to place LM in the crib with his blanket and he would go to sleep himself, LBM needed a little more soothing but was still quite easy - and so I knew it would be an interesting time.

There has been lots of crying.  A lot of it.  Like, if I am out of their sightlines, there is screaming crying.  Strange.  Also, at nap time, lots of crying.  Unncessary crying.  And, play time, lots of crying.  Strange. Frustrating.  Enough for me to want to pull my hair out.

Anyway, a trip to the library on Monday had us out in the fresh air for about an hour.  That was lovely, especially since it wasn't too hot outside, a little overcast, and perfect!  The boys stayed awake all the way to the library and fell alseep when we almost got home.  I kept them in the stroller for awhile until they woke up.  The schedule was all messed up.

The rest of the week was very similar.  Short naps all day, not sticking to any type of schedule and tons of crying. 

Yesterday, I went to the library again only this time, the weather was unbearably hot (or at least the sun was!) and LBM had a little bit of a freak out inside the library.  So much so, I had to leave!  Then he proceeded to scream almost all the way home, until he finally dozed off.

I also tried to feed them the buttercup squash I made a few weeks ago.  Absolutely hilarious - LBM gagged and projectile vomitted.  LM had a more delayed reaction and spit up a whole load of stuff into his bib.  Thank goodness I put them on!  And thank goodness I have them on video!

Anyway, on a positive note, after about 2 hours of on and off crying, playing, singing, and bathing, the boys were fed at 7:15pm, went straight to bed at about 7:30pm, cried it out for a very very brief time, and fell asleep.  I woke up at 3:15am with rock hard boobs.  I woke them up, fed them for 10 mins to relieve my breasts and we all went back to sleep.  I heard stirring at 5:30am so I woke them up again and fed them, even though it had only been 2 hours.  My boobs were hard again anyway and this time I tried to give them a full feeding. 

They were put straight to bed, but they mostly played.  I think they fell asleep at about 7am but I was in the shower.  They woke up at 8am... I can hear LBM playing and talking and LM has also started screeching.  It's already 8:41am and they're so content in their bed.  I'm gonna basically stretch it out as long as I possibly can...

On tap for today:  A trip to Indigo.  Just to get a Starbucks coffee and browse.  Maybe pick up a book for the boys? Maybe.  I can't help it, I love the stuff there!

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