Sunday, July 3, 2011

LBM's Milestone!

LBM rolled today!!!!

Soooo exciting!

This is what happened: 

Last night, after the 3:30am feeding, we put the boyz in bed.  I was trying to go back to sleep but kept hearing LBM tossing and turning and talking and he seemed completely alert and awake.  Finally, at about 4am, we heard him start to cry.  My husband found him in the crib on his tummy! 

This afternoon, after his late nap, I walked in the nursery to find him on his tummy again!  Too cute!  Then, when I had the boyz on their mats, LBM rolled again on his tummy.  The third time, he rolled on his tummy, hung out for a bit, and then rolled onto his back!  It was amazing!

I must admit, it brought tears to my eyes.  I was teary partly because I was so proud that he discovered how to roll by himself and partly because I feel like he's growing up.  Our lives are going to be so completely different now and that also passed through my mind.... How am I going to figure this out!!!

But oh my!  What an exciting day!!!

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