Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Food Success?

Today was my third attempt at feeding the boys some solid food.  I am starting with acorn squash, which is very sweet in taste.  I added a lot of water to make it a little more runny than I did the first two times, plus I let the boys chew on the spoon before I made them try the squash. 

LBM took to it soooooo quickly and ate it up!  I only gave him 3 tastes because I noticed he was salivating a lot and he was a lot more interested in chewing on the bib more than anything else.  But still, a resounding success, especially when the last two times he vomitted!!!

LM, on the other hand, gave that gross out face (which was so hilarious!) and completely rejected the 3rd spoon of squash.  He didn't want anymore and was very uninterested with it.

Even though I threw out the bulk of the ounce serving I made, I think it was a resounding success!  I was very proud of the boys... they definitely are growing up!

Next time I'll just take out a little bit of the food from the container so I'm not wasting it all.  After all, it's just a taste they need right now, until I can start thickening up the texture and the boys start swallowing a little better!  Very exciting!

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