Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh, and a MAJOR Development with Sleeping!

This is sooooo important, I can't believe I haven't written about it!

I have completely cut out caffeine. 

I was drinking about one coffee a day.  I had been drinking coffee throughout my pregnancy and while nursing and then recently, started up on my coke addiction again.  It went from one coke maybe twice a week to almost every single day. 

Then, LBM started teething and sleep became a major issue.  He couldn't sleep but was very obviously tired.  He wasn't napping and would go to sleep at night exhausted, on the breast, usually.  He wasn't getting a lot to eat and it started affecting his poops!  (They were green instead of the yellow-y mustard-y colour).  It was quite worrying and I was (obviously by my posts) going nuts.

Within two days of cutting out the caffeine, LBM returned to full naps and amazing night sleeps. 

Worry - gone.

Caffeine - gone.

Totally worth it.

Sooooo happy!

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