Sunday, July 10, 2011


LBM cut his first tooth this weekend!  It's so cute.  It's on the lower front and it's all jagged-y.  Poor guy woke up this morning in a full cry and I didn't know why.  I just tried to comfort him and then fell asleep with him beside me in my mom's bed. 

LM is drooling A LOT so I know his time is coming soon.  I hope he doesn't suffer as much as LBM has.  It's been ongoing for a while now. 

They both have been screaming and screeching a lot lately too.  They've discovered their voices and it is very entertaining to listen to!  I have also noticed that they are starting to notice one another more and more.  Staring at each other, talking a little bit and then getting distracted and looking away -- this is all so unbelievably amazing to watch and experience.  I love watching it happen all on it's own.

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