Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hard Week

Poor LM.  He's been running a fever these past few days and it's not getting better.  He's shared our bed for each of those nights plus a few and every night there's nothing we can do but listen to him cry and watch him thrash until he's so exhausted he passes out.  At 1 am.  That lasts for an hour. Or more.  But when your fever is 40C and you're hot and your mouth is throbbing, what can your parents expect?

LBM has gluey eyes, and lots of discharge coming out of them.  I am taking both to the doc tomorrow if she has space.  It's just never-ending.  And then I've been holding LM non-stop for 2 days so LBM is feeling tres left out and bummed out.  I feel bad for him - it's like he doesn't know what to do with himself if his partner isn't doing something with him.... even though they don't necessarily play together yet.

I'm tired only because I've been up at all hours of the night and then basically attached to the hip with one dude, while trying to care for the other.  Thank the Lord husband has been around to help... most of the time.  He's been really busy, trying to get shit done both personally and around the house.  Still, it's a true blessing that he's been home to help.  I truly appreciate it.  It's so hard to care for a sick baby.  Both emotionally and physically.  Sometimes I can't take the crying.

Naps have basically been thrown out the window.  LBM should be able to go down but it's just been an absolute mess since molars started on New Year's day.  Because LM started a week later, it's been difficult to be consistent with LBM and so I've pretty much screwed myself for the next little while.  Thank goodness, again, for husband, who's been able to be around to help... although I will admit, sometimes it is easier for me when I'm alone -- it's quiet in the house and there's no doubting or discussing whether we're doing the right thing... when I'm alone, I just do it and if it works, it works, if it doesn't, I learn for the next time.

I'm really hoping that the fever goes away tomorrow.  It's just been too much disruption in the routine.  Even for me.

I'm losing it!


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