Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Resolutions Recap

Before it's way way too late... here's how 2011 went down for Verity:

1.  Learn how to sew and complete at least one sewing project by July 1, 2011. Perhaps something simple for the boyz? Fail!  I did attempt sewing bean bag letters for the boyz but it just wasn't consistent... and no project was completed.
2.  Write at least 3-5 posts per month on this blog. Fail!  Or, maybe Pass! But I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to count.  But I think I have 77 posts or something for the year, so that's an average of what, about 6 a month?
3.  Run a half marathon or another 10K by October, 2011. Potential race to be posted later.  PUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ask me if I worked out for 5 minutes last year?  Okay, actually, I went for 2 or 3 runs in November.  And that was it.  And I've signed up for a 10K relay on March 25, 2012.  I apologize now to my team-mates.  It's going to be a sad, lonely day for moi...
4.  Go on a family vacation to the Rockies or somewhere in Canada in the summer. I'd like to go to Banff again.  So gorgeous there.   FAIL! I swear I tried to make this happen but it didn't even come close to coming to fruition.  Lots of talk, no action.  
5.  Make at least 1 extra payment on the mortgage (Gotta start small and remember I'm on maternity leave! and I have to figure it out with my husband). Even one payment makes a difference!  Pass!!!  We put $5000 down.  Now, to figure out how to get some cash into the RRSPs... that's going to be a little more difficult.
6.  Create a family budget and stick to it.  This will be completed by the end of February, 2011. We've been trying to establish this for awhile now, and I think this is my opportunity!  Ummm... well, I did do some of it but we haven't followed it nor have I even looked at the budget since I filled it out.  

Let this list of resolutions be proof that RESOLUTIONS are BOGUS.  How about trying to make a 'change' everyday of our lives.  This list basically just made me feel like a failure.  And to be honest?  I completely forgot about them until 10 minutes ago when I was looking at last year's January posts and came across it.  So there.  2011 was a failure for Verity's resolutions.  Big deal.  2012 is going to be awesome.  You wanna know why?  Because 2011 was FREAKING AMAZING!!!  How could it not have been?  

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