Friday, December 30, 2011

Yesterday, the FIRST 12 hours

Off to the doctor for the 12 month vaccinations.  THREE shots!  Two in the right arm, one in the left. 

After meeting my niece and sister and brother in law for dinner on Saturday, we found out that said niece had some localized spots on her back and belly.  Then, on Monday, she was sent home from daycare on suspicion of chicken pox.  A 3 day break from daycare, as they gently put it.  The spots, which appeared on Sunday, meant that the most contagious period (Saturday and Friday) also was the day we had a famjam at the restaurant on Saturday night.  When she kissed and hugged and played with our boyz.  Nice.

So this is Tuesday's news.  Thankfully, Wednesday we had our appointment with the doctor.  At this point, we know in our heart of hearts that there might not be a Christmas for us with our niece.  And my sister's poor little family would be quarantined for the best holiday of the year... oh no.

They went to the doctor at least twice between Monday and Wednesday.  All medically trained professionals (all schooled for 10+ years) said: "It's chicken pox." or "I'm not sure what it is." or "Just to be safe, she should be quarantined for 7 days."  WTF?

There was no consensus.

So, we went to the doctor and with the information we had, asked if WE would be allowed to participate in husband's family Christmas.  Where there were two babes.  Like one that is 7 months and another that is 11 months.  Plus a pregnant sister-in-law.  Yeah.  Right.  As if.  The doctor said no way. 

Boyz got their shots.

Mama and papa were in shock/denial...

No Christmas for the boyz. 

Or for mama and papa. 

The one holiday we were so looking forward to. 

You see, last Christmas day, we brought the boyz home from the hospital.  I was suffering (as I look back) from some heavy post partum.  Like, the kind where you-hate-everyone-and-don't-want-to-see-or-talk-to-anybody-and-you-just-want-to-be-under-the-covers-hiding-only-you-have-to-pump-every-three-hours-and-go-to-the-hospital-to-"visit" (so crazy)-your-children-messed-up-ness.  Needless to say, we didn't celebrate Christmas Eve with anyone (I so didn't even want to) and on Christmas day, I was so happy, I wanted to treasure every single moment with my husband and children at home... Finally.

Anyway, this was going to be the first Christmas we could share the boyz with our families.  And we were so pumped for that!  I was so excited.  Our nephew is only a month younger than the boyz and we wanted to see that interaction.  Plus, I missed them and wanted to see the fam!

And now it wasn't going to happen.

Husband and I were silent in the car on the way home. 

What's there to say?

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