Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 step, 2 step...

Last night, LBM took 3 teeny weeny leaning steps from me to my mom.  He was smiling the whole time!  Whatta guy!  I'm happy that he's getting used to the feeling of lifting his feet up off of the ground and knowing that he can keep going with his other foot once he takes a step.  It's so cute.  But he only does it when he feels like it!

LM, on the other hand, loves to lean right into me and thinks it's all a big game!  He's racing around the room, holding on to anything to get him around and his crawling is getting SO fast!

They both have colds right now, which is a bit discouraging, only because they just got over being massively sick a month ago.  Man, it doesn't end, huh?

Cleanign snot is going to rule my life again for the next couple of days!

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