Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Saga Continues...

So, after the mishap last Friday with LM and the examining table incident, LBM got sick on Monday.  Then LM got sick, of course.  LM's forehead lump was still swollen and bruised and LBM had no problems smashing trucks and other toy objects onto LM's bump while LM continued to bump his own head off of tables, toys, etc.  Thus, the swelling never really went down but it wasn't enough to create an alarm for me (or husband or hal-muh-nee).

On Friday morning, LM woke up with two swollen eyes (kinda like Rocky would look after 10 rounds in the ring) with red splotches all over his face and a rash over his body.  As the day wore on, they became more like hives.  I called Telehealth first thing in the morning, even though my mother and husband said that he would be fine.  I needed my own peace of mind.

The nurse suggested that I take him to the doctor.  Ha.  I knew it!  So we made an appointment for the afternoon.  Anyhow, as the day wore on, the splotches seemed to dissipate as did the swelling in the eyes.  I took him to the doctor anyway.  At the office, we determined that it might not be anything - in fact, it might just be part of the virus that was causing the hives but still we weren't sure.  I did feed him peanut butter and cheese for the first time the day before.  Now call me irresponsible, but I really wasn't concerned about him having allergies - there is no family history of allergies and they are over a year old (chronologically) now.  The cheese, I think  though, might be the culprit, IF there is any sort of sensitivity.  A month ago, I gave him yoghurt and he erupted in little spots around his mouth, so that could possibly indicate a dairy sensitivity.

The doc recommended a referral and appointment to see the allergist.  Oh great.  Now, I get to take my son to the allergist who will proceed to poke him with 100 needles.  I am VERY upset about this.  But really, I feel like I have to put on a strong face because I refuse to believe he has allergies to foods.  I don't want that to happen.  Prayer is needed.  Please.

Along with all of this, I had noticed that at the top of LM's head was a large lump.  It had been markedly larger than anything I remember seeing on his head.  But I didn't say anything to anyone because I didn't think it was anything serious.  So, we woke up Saturday to a fun day with Nonno and shopping.  When we came home, I kept touching his head to see if it hurt and he didn't seem sensitive to it.  But then halmuhnee came home.  And she pressed on the bump.  It was extremely soft - like really really soft.  I was shocked.  Why hadn't I thought of pressing on it?  I didn't want to hurt him and I think a part of me didn't really want to know...

So we ended up at the walk in clinic.

It's definitely a contusion but the doctor didn't seem concerned and said that if I really wanted to, I could take him for an x-ray but that he didn't think it was serious.  LM is fully alert, very happy and has no symptoms of concussion.  There really is nothing for me to worry about, I know.  The last thing I want is to expose my son to radiation for no real reason.  What is the point of that when there is really no indication of anything being wrong?

Regardless, this is what the week's been like.  Oh, and LM has basically slept in our bed since November 28th.  And he's getting 4 teeth.

Cute story:  While LM and I were gone to the doctor on Friday, husband stayed home alone with LBM.  Apparently LBM was completely lost without his brother!  He was very clingy and refused to play.  He hardly made any sounds or noises and just held on to dad for dear life. When we arrived home, all of a sudden, he was making lots of noises and when we went into the playroom, he began to play and talk and bully his brother!  They weren't actually playing together perse, but they were playing alongside one another.  I guess subconsciously LBM knew that something was missing and strange and he didn't like it!  Cool, huh?  I love twins!

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