Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sometimes the only solace you can sink yourself into is the uninitiated, spontaneous smile by a baby.  Especially when you are exhausted and in pain.  Such are those times when I have to nurse and am in pain but know that at the end, I might get a smile from one of my sons.  It is by far the best feeling.  It doesn't take away the pain, but it definitely makes it more bearable.

Little Big Man (LBM) gives us those smiles all the time now.  If you talk to him and smile, he will smile back.  It's been happening for a solid week now and it's so worth waiting for!

As for my body, I have been steadily losing weight, even though I have been eating.  I would like to run in a 10K in May but the thought of exercising is honestly frightening.  I can't even imagine moving my body right now, especially since I can't even bounce up and down without having to hold my breasts still.  Yesterday was an anomaly, I hardly ate because I was constantly with one of the boys, either holding or consoling them.  I didn't get a break and when my mother came home, I was so relieved.

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