Friday, February 18, 2011

First Walk Since December 27, 2010....


Yesterday was our first epic walk and I so needed it.  It refreshed and revitalized me.  I cannot explain how much of a mood lift it was.  Up until now, everytime I go out, it's been for a purpose.  Mainly to go to the doctor.  But grocery shopping, to get a coffee, etc.  And to be honest, it's so not worth hearing the crying whenever I put the boyz in the car seats! But because I was putting them in the stroller, I didn't tighten the straps as much as I would normally and they boyz were nice and calm. 

The weather was mild and all the snow was melting.  We went for a walk with the boyz' 5 week old cousin and it was so worth it.  Boyz and mommies were happy!

The boob pain is subsiding slowly.  There are some weak times for me but it is becoming more and more bearable.  I am so thankful.  I've also cut down on the time of feeds to 12 minutes from 15 and have noticed less spit up from the boyz (but they still are) and I've also started to wake them a few minutes before the actual 3 hr mark.  This has resulted in a very calm feed, rather than the desperado crying and sucking that's been going on.

I'm alone today but have another friend coming over for a quick visit.  This weekend is full, with my in-laws coming to make brunch (mmm pancakes!) and then hopefully a visit with my gorgeous niece, whom I have not seen in at least a month (my heart breaks!).

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