Wednesday, August 3, 2011

LM has teeth too!

On Sunday, I noticed a pair of teeth starting to cut through LM's gums.  Starting on Friday, his whole sleep schedule went out of whack and both LM and LBM went bonkers.  Nothing could console them, they started to go to sleep at 830 after being nursed instead of 630-7 as had been the case before.  They woke every 3 hours, probably crying because of pain but I didn't know and just nursed them.  I am suspecting that LBM's uppers are starting to come, which is why he's so fussy as well. 

Yesterday was difficult - LBM did not sleep all morning, which is very unusual and he was exhausted.  He fell asleep looking at me (that's how tired he was - he NEVER falls asleep if a person is there!) and slept for only half an hour, waking up with a scream.  He slept only after he nursed after that yesterday, poor baby.  Those sleeps were at most 30 mins.  Definitely not enough sleep for him yesterday.  It worries me -- I just read that sleep is the primary brain activity for infants - what the what?  That means my poor LBM isn't getting as much as LM -- NOOOOOo!!!!

They are about 3 weeks apart in terms of teeth showing up.  Which means that compared to everyone else, we are getting a double dose of teething crying and sleeplessness.

I definitely was much crankier these last few days than normal.  Plus, we're going through a lot of upheaval right now and it's creating more stress than necessary.

Nevertheless, LM and LBM are going through a rough patch right now and it's all I can do to keep my spirits up and keep up!  They're so cute though.

Oh!  And LBM is sitting up on his own now --- I have to set him up first and then he can stay up!  His body is strong.

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