Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sick - not me.

Two sick boyz at the same time.  Hmmm....

As I posted on FB yesterday, BOO!!!  Someone commented that at least they're both sick at the same time instead of one right after the other.  At first I thought, yeah, that's true... and then I thought, yeah, but this sucksssss!!!

LM staring at me with glazed eyes, runny, drippy nose and a cough as I hold LBM in my arms because he too, has glazed eyes, extremely runny nose and a sneezy cough is horrible.  LM looks so forlorn and it's so hard for him to entertain himself when he's this uncomfortable.  The moment I put down LBM to hold LM, crying begins.  Oh, that feeling of being torn.  Wow.

I still have not written a post to recap the past couple of months.  I will.  So much has happened and is still happening. 

Oh, I went for my first run in 18 months on Sunday and followed it up with another run on Tuesday.  Not bad!

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