Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Over.

It has officially been one week (or technically 8 nights).  June 1, 2012.

My boys have not been nursed before bed in 8 days.  It has passed without fanfare and feels terribly strange.

I was not as emotional about it as I thought.  And it stopped naturally.  I didn't know how I would wean them, and was perfectly ready to let them take the lead.  And it was just like that.  Little Man just forgot about it one day.  Then the next.  And then the next.  And by the time he remembered it, it was day 5 and I just said no.  He was very unhappy about it but we distracted him with something and it was forgotten about.  Little Big Man was neither here nor there about it really, when LM was crying for it on day 5, LBM seemed to remember it too and started to tear up and whine but again, it was easy to distract him and move on. 



No babies nursing anymore.

18 months.




I loved every minute of it.

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